What is the Cost of Installing Central Air Conditioning in Miami Beach, FL?

When it comes to installing a central air system in Miami Beach, FL, you can expect to pay around 11 cents per kWh. This cost is lower if you already have ductwork installed in your home and are only adding a central air unit. It takes into account the unit's power, the cost of electricity in your area, and the number of hours you use the air conditioner per day. Under current regulations, manufacturers can no longer produce and companies can no longer install new air conditioning units containing R-22. The cost of modernizing new ducting in an existing space is nearly three times the labor cost of simply replacing existing ducting or installing it in new construction.

If your boiler is fairly new and your ducts are less than 15 years old, this is a good way to install the air conditioner and save money. For installations that only replace the air conditioning unit, labor costs are lower than in an installation where the ducts need to be replaced. The benefits of ductless air conditioning systems include maintenance that requires little maintenance, the absence of ducts (which can be costly to repair or replace), and quiet operation compared to central air conditioning. If you need to cool multiple areas, you should budget for the cost of installing more than one air conditioning system. They are usually installed in cold climates to provide additional heat in winter, in addition to better cooling than a window air conditioner in summer. To avoid potential injuries or problems with the size or installation of the unit, request a quote for your system from a local professional experienced in air conditioning installations. If you live in an area with a hot climate any time of the year, you might want to invest in a central air conditioning unit.

However, using a ductless system is faster to install and much less invasive than installing ducts in a home that doesn't have any. This is because the air conditioning unit cannot capture the cooled air and pass it back through the unit, which means that the air conditioning unit has to work constantly and may not cool down very well because it cannot cool much air in one pass. For homes that have never had central air conditioning, the installation requires new circuit breakers in the electrical panel, new cables that go through the foundations, new ducts that connect to the existing HVAC system, framing and finishing duct areas, and mounting the unit on metal supports or a concrete platform. Additionally, it's a good idea to consider investing in new insulation to maximize its performance and energy efficiency. Installing central air conditioning in Miami Beach, FL can be expensive but it is worth it for those who want to stay comfortable during hot summer days. The cost of installation depends on several factors such as whether you need to replace existing ducts or install them from scratch, whether you need multiple units for different areas of your home, and whether you choose a traditional central AC system or a ductless system.

It's important to get quotes from local professionals experienced with AC installations so that you can make an informed decision about what type of system is best for your home.

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