Energy-Saving Benefits of Commercial AC Units in Miami Beach, FL

When it comes to energy efficiency, commercial air conditioning systems are a great way to reduce energy waste and save money on utility bills. In Miami Beach, FL, businesses have access to a variety of incentives for installing energy-efficient AC units. From discounts on installation costs to improved performance and energy savings, there are many advantages to upgrading or installing a new air conditioning system. When selecting an AC unit, it's important to consider the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).

This ratio is calculated by dividing the total cooling capacity of the unit in BTU during a season by its total electrical energy consumption. The higher the EER rating, the more efficient the unit is. Additionally, ENERGY STAR certified light commercial air conditioning equipment is designed to reduce energy waste and save money on utility bills. In addition to the air conditioning system itself, other costs may come with installing a new AC unit, such as electricity, plumbing, and warranties.

If your cooling system isn't working at its best, upgrading your air conditioning unit or installing a new one can make a big difference. State governments can offer discounts if a particularly efficient system is installed, but they are usually limited in duration. In most cases, installation of a new central air conditioning system takes about a day. However, window air conditioners and portable air conditioning units are exceptions to this rule as they don't require ducting or installing new switches.

Under current regulations, manufacturers no longer produce nor can companies install new air conditioning units containing R-22. Most regions require that the air conditioning system be installed by a properly accredited professional to ensure that it is safe to use. In that case, it's a good idea to consider the cost of installing new insulation to maximize its performance and energy efficiency. Our expert technicians specialize in preventive maintenance checks, maintaining existing equipment, and installing new units. We pay close attention to your comfort needs and strive to reduce your energy bills while keeping the air clean and healthy all year round. That way, you can enjoy your home in maximum comfort without worrying about the potential problems and costs involved in improperly placing a new unit. The advantages of ductless air conditioning systems include low maintenance, the absence of ducts (which can be costly to repair or replace), and quiet operation compared to central air conditioning.

If you need to cool multiple areas, you should budget for the cost of installing more than one air conditioning system. Before selecting your AC unit, ask your HVAC specialist to tell you about the benefits and features of the best brands in your region. In homes that have never had central air conditioning, installation requires new circuit breakers in the electrical panel, new cables that go through the foundations, new ducts that connect the existing air conditioning system, framing and finishing the duct areas and mounting the unit on metal supports or a concrete platform.

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